SUNY Oswego

    Graduate Assistantship - 0391 - GA20 Athletics

    Department:   Athletics

    Graduate Assistant - Pre-Professional
    20 Hours per Week 

    Unit/Division:  Athletics Department

    Semester(s) Graduate Assistant is Needed:  Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

    Name of Person who will Supervise GA:  Adam Regano

    Supervisor Job Title:  Director of Athletic Communications

    GA Supervisor Email:

    Number of Hours Expected to Work Each Week:  20

    Compensation: $6,250 per semester for tuition and stipend. Grad Assistant can choose how much of this goes toward tuition and how much will go toward the stipend.

    Location where GA will Report to Work:   
    Laker Hall 210B

    Job Description and Key Responsibilities including Virtual/Remote Expectations:
    25% of this position can be done virtually.
    Under the general direction of the Director of Athletic Communication and in close coordination with the Director of Athletics and Assistant Director of Athletic Operations, the Athletic Communication Graduate Assistant is involved in all aspects of gathering and disseminating sports information and statistics. This individual maintains regular contact with the College's 24 NCAA Division III athletic programs and coaches to provide information to the media, the campus, and the public and assists with the athletics website, video streaming and editing, social media, and game-day operations. Responsibilities include developing favorable media attention and image for the sports teams, coaches, and the athletic department utilizing multiple communications media and other appropriate outlets.
    Work hours vary based on sports team schedules.

    What is the date that the review process will start for applicants?

    What is the date you will make a final decision regarding the selection of the candidate for this

    List any Learning Outcomes related to the GAs Academic Program:
    With this graduate assistantship, I hope to provide an experience that upon completion, the candidate has met all of their professional development skills that will be discussed upon arrival. I hope to give an experience that will translate into the professional world of athletics. Athletics provides a clear bridge to professional development in life management skills to take with you no matter your chosen career path. In this graduate assistantship, the candidate will leave Oswego State Athletics with skills to become an asset to any company. Oswego State Athletics hopes to develop the candidate to acquire and fine tune leadership skills, an attentive detail oriented work ethic along with acquiring skills to put them ahead of the curve as they move into their professional career.

    Any restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible?
    No student athletes

    What behavioral expectations do you have? For example, what is your preferred communication timeline for a GA who needs to call out sick?
    Appropriate, effective and professional communication is expected at all times. Please communicate in a timely manner and be respectful at all times. Be familiar with the student handbook and integrity policies and expectations.

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