SUNY Oswego

    Graduate Assistantship - 0142-GAS10 (Computer Science-HCI)

    Department: Computer Science-HCI
    Graduate Assistant for Academic Support
    10 Hours Per Week

    Unit/Division:  Computer Science-HCI

    Semester(s) Graduate Assistant is Needed: Fall  2024 and Spring 2025

    Name of Person who will Supervise GA:  Damian Schofield

    Supervisor Job Title: Director of HCI

    Supervisor Department: Computer Science

    GA Supervisor Email:

    Number of Hours Expected to Work Each Week: 10

    Tuition: $1359 per semester
    Stipend: $600 per semester

    Location where GA will Report to Work: 429 Shineman, Computer Science

    Job Description and Key Responsibilities including Virtual/Remote Expectations:
    The HCI program has a large amount of complex, technical equipment in the lab - VR headsets, drones, robots etc - this GA is responsible for the lab, looking after the equipment, maintaining it, signing it out and helping students to learn how to use it. They also are responsible for many of the public events we undertake such as school visits, information sessions, VR lab demos etc.

    List any Learning Outcomes related to the GAs Academic Program:
    Students in this position learn skills in many areas - around the use of complex equipment, they learn to use everything - looks great on a resume.

    Any restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible? No

    What behavioral expectations do you have? For example, what is your preferred communication timeline for a GA who needs to call out sick?The HCI program is small and friendly - I talk to the GAs regularly - we talk online - or during normal circumstances f-2-f - most days. I do not set regular hours for the GAs but they are assigned work and expected to complete it in a timely fashion.

    Would you like to formally express your interest in this position? 

    The information in this form will be sent directly to the supervisor indicated for this position above. 
    A confirmation email with the supervisor's name and email will be sent to you after you complete the form.

    All subsequent communication regarding  this position should be made directly with the supervisor by utilizing the email provided.