SUNY Oswego

    Graduate Assistantship - 0206A-GPP20 Campus Events and Conference Services- CECS

    Department: Campus Events and Conference Services (CECS)
    Graduate Assistant - Pre-Professional with a Focus on Marketing 206A
    20 Hours Per Week

    Unit/Division:  Campus Events and Conference Services

    Semester(s) Graduate Assistant is Needed: Fall 2024, Spring 2025

    Name of Person who will Supervise GA:  Holli Stone

    Supervisor Job Title:  Assistant Director of Campus Events

    Supervisor Department: Campus Events and Conference Services

    GA Supervisor Email:

    Number of Hours Expected to Work Each Week: 20

    Negotiable, but total is $6,250 per semester. A percentage must be tuition and a percentage must be stipend.

    Location where GA will Report to Work: 
    Marano Campus Center 135

    Date Review Process will start: 03/18/2024

    Date a Final Decision will be made regarding selection of a candidate for this position:

    Job Description and Key Responsibilities including Virtual/Remote Expectations:
    No remote work available in this position.

    The department of Campus Events and Conference Services is seeking a
    motivated and creative Graduate Assistant (GA-20) to join our CECS team.
    This individual will play a pivotal role in marketing campus events and services,
    while contributing to the successful execution of a diverse range of campus
    events and programs. The ideal candidate will have a passion for promoting
    student engagement that develops students’ sense of belonging, enhances
    college-community relationships, and introduces prospective students to the
    campus environment.


    Event Coordination, Execution, and On-Site Event Support:
    • Assist in the planning and execution of a variety of campus events.
    • Coordinate logistical details, including scheduling, venue setup, and
    equipment management.
    • Collaborate with internal and external partners to ensure seamless event
    • Provide on-site event support for evening and weekend events.
    • Maintain a working knowledge of the Facility Use Policy as it relates to
    scheduling and events.
    • Maintain a working knowledge of the technology in the ATC classrooms,
    meeting rooms, and other campus venues with installed technology.
    • Maintain accurate event records in EMS reservation database, google drive,
    hard copy, or other appropriate formats.

    Graphic Design and Multimedia Production:
    • Design visually appealing and effective promotional materials using graphic
    design software.
    • Create multimedia content such as videos, promotional banners, and digital
    • Maintain a cohesive and attractive visual identity for CECS.

    Social Media Management:
    • Manage and grow social media accounts to increase engagement and reach.
    • Regularly update platforms with relevant content, event promotions, and
    • Monitor social media trends and apply innovative strategies to enhance online

    Community Engagement and Outreach:

    • Develop strategies to engage the campus community and promote
    participation in activities.
    • Represent CECS at campus-wide events and collaborate with student
    • Foster positive relationships with key stakeholders to enhance outreach

    Data Analysis and Reporting:
    • Utilize analytics tools to track the success of marketing campaigns and
    • Prepare regular reports on key performance indicators and make data-driven
    • Use insights to continuously improve marketing strategies and event effectiveness.

    • Full matriculation into a graduate program at SUNY Oswego, preferred
    School of Marketing and Communications
    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to a dynamic work environment.
    • Ability to use Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, and other software programs.
    • Ability to work flexible hours, including evening and weekends as needed.
    • Proficient in graphic design and multimedia production.
    • Knowledge of marketing principles and strategies.
    • Experience with social media management and content creation.
    • Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to a dynamic work environment.


    List any Learning Outcomes related to the GAs Academic Program:

    Marketing Strategy Development:

    Develop proficiency in creating comprehensive marketing plans for CECS
    events and services.
    Learn to identify target audiences, set marketing objectives, and select
    appropriate promotional channels.
    Content Creation and Graphic Design:
    Develop proficiency in using graphic design software to maintain a consistent
    and attractive visual identity.
    Learn to create engaging multimedia content, such as videos, banners, and
    digital signage.

    Social Media Management:

    Develop skills in content planning, scheduling, and monitoring to enhance
    online presence.
    Understand social media analytics and utilize insights to refine strategies and
    improve engagement.

    Event Coordination and Execution:

    Gain hands-on experience in coordinating various aspects of events, from
    scheduling to execution.
    Develop proficiency in creating event timelines, managing resources, and
    problem-solving during events.
    Understand the importance of adhering to policies, procedures, and safety

    Community Engagement and Outreach:

    Develop strategies to engage the campus community and increase
    participation in CECS activities.
    Gain experience in representing CECS at campus-wide events to promote

    Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement:

    Gain experience working collaboratively with internal and external partners for
    successful event execution.
    Understand the importance of effective communication in a team-oriented work

    Adaptability and Time Management:
    Cultivate adaptability by working in a dynamic environment with varying
    demands and deadlines.
    Enhance time management skills to efficiently handle marketing tasks, event
    coordination, and administrative responsibilities.

    Any restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible?
    The term of appointment runs from two weeks prior to the start of class for Fall
    2024 though May 31, 2025, excluding academic recesses.
    Regular evening and weekend hours are required as determined by campus
    events schedule. The Graduate Assistant must prioritize this position and
    therefore cannot hold any other position that exceeds 10 hours per week. Any
    additional employment must not conflict with the required schedule.

    What behavioral expectations do you have? For example, what is your preferred communication timeline for a GA who needs to call out sick?

    Email the supervisor as soon as possible prior to taking a sick day. 

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.