SUNY Oswego

    Graduate Assistantship - 0201-GA20 Accessibility Resources

    Department: Accessibility Resources
    Graduate Assistant Pre Professional
    20 Hours per Week

    Unit/Division:  Accessibility Resources

    Semester(s) Graduate Assistant is Needed: Spring 2024

    Name of Person who will Supervise GA:  Patrick Devendorf

    Supervisor Job Title: Assistant Coordinator

    GA Supervisor Email:

    Number of Hours Expected to Work Each Week: 20

    Tuition & Stipend $7,000 per semester negotiated how much for tuition and how much for stipend
    Location where GA will Report to Work:  155 Marano Campus Center

    Job Description and Key Responsibilities including Virtual/Remote Expectations:
    The GA familiarize themselves with the note taking software utilized by the AR office. The GA will maintain a database of current users and reach out to students who may be experiencing issues. If in-person note takers are required the GA will recruit, hire and monitor these. This requires approval of the coordinator or asst coordinator. GA will also provide support for testing. This will include starting, proctoring and scanning completed exams to appropriate instructors. Maintain confidentiality and privacy of students seeking our services.
    List any Learning Outcomes related to the GAs Academic Program.

    Learning Outcomes of this position would be learning the importance and practicing the need for confidentiality of student information, professionalism and empathy. Learning to work as a team member, contributing ideas to improve an office environment.

    Any restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible?

    What behavioral expectations do you have? For example, what is your preferred communication timeline for a GA who needs to call out sick?  
    On time or text both the coordinator and assistant coordinator.

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