SUNY Oswego

    Graduate Assistantship - 0210-GA20 Campus Recreation

    Department: Campus Recreation
    Graduate Assistant-Pre Professional
    20 Hours per Week

    Unit/Division:  Campus Recreation/Student Affairs

    Semester(s) Graduate Assistant is Needed:  Fall 2024, Spring 2025

    Name of Person who will Supervise GA:  Carey Barnette

    Supervisor Job Title: Assistant Director of Campus Recreation 

    GA Supervisor Email:

    Number of Hours Expected to Work Each Week: 20

    Compensation per semester: $6,500.00 per semester, student has the ability to choose how much will go to stipend/tuition. Some compensation must go to stipend and some must go to tuition.

    Location where GA will Report to Work:  Lee Hall  

    What is the date that the review process will start for applicants?  

    April 1, 2024

    What is the date you will make a final decision regarding the selection of the candidate for this position?
    April 22, 2024

    Job Description and Key Responsibilities including Virtual/Remote Expectations:
    No Remote Work Available with this position.

    The Department of Campus Recreation provides the campus community with
    services, programs, and educational experiences that promote student success
    and enhance physical, social, and emotional well-being. The department
    oversees the operation of five indoor facilities and numerous outdoor
    recreational locations. In addition, the department facilitates numerous
    programs, services, and events within these locations that support the mission
    of the department and college. The department is operated by four professional
    staff, three graduate assistants and over 100 student staff.

    Position Responsibilities:
    The Graduate Assistant for Operations will serve as a member of the Campus Recreation staff and reports to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation. The primary function of the graduate assistant is to assist in the day-to-day operations of Lee Hall, Swetman gym, Cooper/Glimmerglass Fitness Centers, and various indoor/outdoor auxiliary spaces.

    The Graduate Assistant is also responsible for the following:
    1. Assist with the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, scheduling, and evaluation of the facility attendant student staff.
    2. Help oversee the day-to-day operation and supervision of the Campus Recreation facilities.
    3. Create and monitor schedule for facility attendant staff.
    4. Supervise payroll for campus recreation staff.
    5. Assist with the execution of special events and programs when necessary.
    6. Implement and enforce policies for both Campus Recreation participants and student staff.
    7. Conduct regular inspections of Campus Recreation facilities.
    8. Assist with facility reservations and meeting with groups. Provide support where necessary.
    9. Participate in weekly staff meetings, assist with projects, and training sessions as deemed appropriate.
    The successful candidate will present evidence of the following:
    Required Qualifications:
    1. Full matriculation into a graduate program at SUNY Oswego by the start of employment.
    2. Experience and/or interest in the areas of intramural sports, recreation, club sports, athletics, fitness, or wellness.
    3. Ability to work as an effective member of a team.
    4. Demonstrated organizational and time management skills.
    5. Strong oral and written communication skills
    6. CPR, First Aid, and AED certificate or willingness to obtain the certification required.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    1. Experience as a member or leader of a college student organization.
    2. Experience supervising and training employees.
    3. Prior experience with customer service
    4. Prior experience with event planning.

    Terms of Employment:
    1. The term of appointment runs from August 15, 2024, through May 16, 2025, excluding academic recesses. The spring semester return to work date is January 20.
    2. The Graduate Assistant for Campus Recreation is expected to work 20 hours per week, excluding applicable academic recesses, during the term of appointment. Regular evening and weekend hours are required.
    3. During each semester of employment, the graduate assistant must maintain a 3.0 GPA.
    4. The graduate assistant must abide by the rules and regulations of the College and model mutual respect and inclusion for all students.
    5. The maximum course-load is twelve credit hours per semester. Internships, practicum experience or extra classes that require a substantial time commitment will need to be reviewed for approval.
    6. The Graduate Assistant position is good for up to two years based on the length of the graduate academic program.
    7. Failure to fulfill required job expectations in a satisfactory manner or violation of college policy will be grounds for termination or non-renewal for a second year.
    8. The graduate assistant will not be assigned to any duties, nor be subject to any terms that are inconsistent with the standards set forth by the Graduate Assistant Union (


    Compensation for the 2024-2025 academic year includes $13,000 towards tuition and stipend. This position funding is contingent on final budget approval.

    Rights and Privileges
    1. Parking: Graduate Assistants are entitled to receive a free employee parking
    permit that grants them access to all faculty and staff parking lots.
    2. College Store: A GA is entitled to a 10% discount off new textbooks
    purchased through the College Store. (Must identify as a graduate assistant to
    receive discount.)
    3. Sick Leave: Graduate Assistants are entitled to a maximum of five days of
    sick leave per academic year.

    Application Procedure:
    To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information of three
    professional references to Brian Wallace ( This
    position is open until filled.

    List any Learning Outcomes related to the GAs Academic Program.

    • Coordination of Programming
    • Ability to supervise student staff
    • Problem Solving
    • Ability to work and lead a team
    • Ability to communicate with a diverse staff and user base.
    Any restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible?
    No restrictions

    What behavioral expectations do you have? For example, what is your preferred communication timeline for a GA who needs to call out sick?

    All time off should be cleared by the supervisor and made up at an agreed upon alternative time. Call or email the supervisor if they are unable to make it work.

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